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MIB Swap

How to MIB swap

HOMEMIB SwapHow to MIB swap

MIB MainNet Swap will be conducted through DONOCLE website and exchanges that will hold the Swap procedure.

How to Swap MIB MainNet using crypto exchange

There will be no such procedures for your ERC20 MIB Tokens held in Exchanges, your ERC20 MIB Tokens in exchanges will be automatically converted to MIB MainNet Coin.
Please refer to notice from each exchange for MIB MainNet Swap using exchanges.
But, you must check it yourself whether the exchange supports MIB MainNet Swap or not.

How to swap MIB MainNet using DONOCLE Website

STEP 1 | Register DONOCLE Website (

MIB MainNet Swap will be held in DONOCLE Website, therefore you need to be registered as the member of DONOCLE Website to participate in MIB MainNet Swap process.

step 1

STEP 2 | Click MIB Swap menu

Click MIB Swap menu from DONOCLE website and read MIB Swap Guidance carefully.

step 2

STEP 3 | MIB Token Deposit menu

Click ‘Get MIB deposit address’ button from MIB Token Deposit menu to issue a deposit address for MIB Token(ERC-20).

step 3

STEP 4 | Send MIB Token(ERC20)

Send your MIB Token(ERC-20) to your address for MIB Token(ERC-20) that is issued from STEP3.

step 4

STEP 5 | See MIB Coin that completed Swap procedure

You can check your completed MIB Coin in ‘MIB Coin Wallet’ from ‘My MIB Swap history’ menu.

step 5

STEP 6 | Create MIB Coin Wallet

MIB Coin Wallet is required to send your swapped MIB Coin to outside. Click on ‘Get MIB Deposit address’ button from ‘My Page > Deposit & Withdraw’ menu to create MIB Coin Wallet.

step 6


  • You can withdraw Swapped MIB Coin from MIB Coin Withdraw menu.
  • MIB Coin must be sent to MIB MainNet Wallet App or to an address that is created from the website, or to an exchange that supports MainNet MIB Coin.
  • You need to authenticate email verification and Google OTP authentication to withdraw MIB MainNet Coin.
step 7 step 7
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