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MIB Swap

MIB swap FAQ


  • QWhat is MIB Token Swap?
    MIB Team has distributed ERC20-based MIB Token at the end of Token Sale. The purpose of distribution was to provide the circulation of MIB before MainNet and Coin were issued.
    For now, all Exchanges have ERC20-based MIB Token in circulation (Coinbene, IDCM, Coinsuper, BTCC Korea).
    MIB Token Swap will be conducted on 1:1 ratio (One MainNet MIB Coin per One ERC20 MIB Token).

    ※ ERC20 MIB Tokens are : MIB that are acquired through Investor, Pre-Sale, ICO, Advisor, Bounty and other SALE Stages, and MIB that were traded before Exchange Swap Procedure.

    MIB Coin that are acquried through Mining can be traded with Exchanges that have finished MIB Swap Procedure. (Check the notice of Exchange)
  • QWhere can I Swap my MIB Token?
    MIB Token will be conducted on DONOCLE website and Exchanges that will support MIB Token Swap procedure.
    If you have your ERC20 MIB Tokens stored in Exchanges, the Tokens will be converted automatically into MainNet MIB Coin by the Exchanges without any extra procedures.

    But you must check the Exchanges if they will conduct MIB Token Swap, by yourself. (Please see the notice of each Exchange)
    MIB Token Swap using DONOCLE website will be available through the Token Swap Menu within the website. Please check MIB Token Swap Guide for details.
    How to MIB Swap
  • QI would like to know MIB Token Swap schedule
    The Swap process starts on May 8. Each Exchange will start trading MainNet MIB Coin after their Swap procedure is completed from May 8.
    You must check if your Exchange has completed MIB Swap, before you send any of your MIB Coin to the Exchange.
    You will lose your MIB Coin if the target Exchange has still not completed Swap process.
  • QWhat happens to the ERC20 MIB Token that I sent for the Swap process?
    All your sent ERC20 MIB Token will be burned at the same time of Swap process.
  • QIn which wallet can I store my MainNet MIB that I acquired after MIB Token Swap?
    Swap is completed at the same time of your Token deposit. Converted Coin will be stored in your MIB Coin Wallet within DONOCLE website.
    But you must create a wallet address to withdraw, since you cannot withdraw without a wallet.
    You can store MIB(MainNet) in MIB COIN Wallet within DONOCLE website, MIB Wallet website or MIB MainNet Wallet APP.
    MIB MainNet Wallet is provided in both APP version and Web version.
    MIB Coin Wallet Address
  • QWhich Crypto Exchange can I trade MIB(MainNet)?
    Mainnet MIB can be traded with Exchanges that completed MIB Swap. Exchanges that will conduct MIB Swap procedure will be noticed on MIB Official Website and Official SNS Channels.
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