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  • You can still register but you cannot participate in any game play before authenticating your email address. Therefore you must use your own email address.
  • You must confirm that your age is 18 or older and have agreed to the Terms and Conditions. We do not take any responsibility about your agreement. Please remind that your prize might not be distributed after winning if you are registered as younger than 18.
  • You can still register but you cannot participate in any game play before authenticating your email address. Therefore you must use your own email address.
  • You need to activate your email authentication after registration to play the game. You can still deposit after registration, but you need to set Google OTP to withdraw.
  • Please send your account cancel in writing to [ Contact Us ]. Do not forget to withdraw all your cryptocurrency balance before cancelling your account. Account withdrawal will not proceed if there is any remaining more than Minimum Withdrawal Balance in your account. Any remaining cryptocurrencies that cannot be withdrawn will be unable to withdraw after the account is cancelled. All your personal information will be deleted after account cancel and restoring is not possible. Exception is personal information that the company is liable to hold for a specific period.
  • There is no limit to purchasing the lottery and its amount.
    But 100 tickets are limited to [Manual], and 200 tickets are limited to [Auto multi] for a single purchase.
  • 1 Ticket is pegged at 0.0001BTC and the corresponding alt coins have their price set by the reference price on highly reliable exchanges.
  • Lottery purchase is available until every 04:00~11:30 UTC, the prize draw begins at 00:00 UTC.
    The winning number is determined using the nonce value of BTC block that is generated after 00:00.
    The draw result will be displayed at [Winning Numbers].
    The blockchain-based raffle method makes the rigging impossible.
  • When winning a high prize
    High prize (1st, 2nd) winner is required to pass KYC (procedure for personal identification and verification).
    You can set from [ My Page > My info ]. The prize will be distributed after the administrator verfies your identification, therefore there can be some delay.

    When winning a normal prize
    In case you do not receive the prize distribution in [ My page > My ticket ] within 7 days from the day of your lottery winning, send your inquiry to [ Contact us ] and we will answer you.
  • Yes. You can only play Keno with Donocle Token.
    Please refer to [ DNL Token > About DNL ] menu for easier purchase.
Deposit & Whthdraw
  • There is no fee for [Deposit] in every cryptocurrencies, but there will be fee for [Withdrawal] that varies from time to time because blockchain is used to send withdrawal transaction to outer wallet.
    The fee can vary depending on the cryptocurrency in use.
  • There is no limit to deposit/withdrawal.
    But large amount of withdrawal will require the administrator's approval, and the approval will be shown to your email or [My page].
  • Normally it takes from 10 mins to 30 mins to deposit cryptocurrencies though it may vary on what you use.
    In case there are too many transactions waiting for approval on the blockchain network, your deposit can be delayed.
  • The trait of cryptocurrency makes it impossible to cancel a withdrawal transaction when it is confirmed. You must check your address twice before confirming.
    Typing a wrong address does not execute a proper transaction and that can cause loss to your funds.
    Once you confirm your transaction, it is the blockchain network that involves every proess of the transaction, it is impossible to process a transaction if a problem occurs within this process.
  • Yes you can. You can withdraw coin from bonus whenever you want.
POS System
  • We set every default date and time set based on UTC time.
    You can change the settings from [ My page > My info ].
    Do not forget that UTC time is applied to the lottery ticket sales and the raffle moment.
  • Sign in and you can set/cancel Google OTP from [ My page > My info ].
    Install Google OTP App(Google Authenticator) and start the App to scan the barcode or type the generated key.
    In case you change your phone number, cancel your authentication from [ My info ] and authenticate on your new phone again.
    If you ever lose your phone, send your personal verification document to [Contact us], and the admin will check and cancel your authentication.
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