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Privacy Policy

[ Introduction ]
  1. The Privacy Policy of DONOCLE takes the personal information(“Data” or “privacy”) of Users with respect and sincerity, and sets forth the general rules under current legislation to protect the rights and interests of our Users.
  2. DONOCLE may amend this Privacy Policy according to the status of current data protection regulations and alteration of DONOCLE Policy, therefore the Users should frequently check the policy whenever they visit DONOCLE Website.
  3. It is understood and presumed that by the fact of use of DONOCLE website and its services or by clicking “I agree with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy” buttons the User gives consent that they have fully read, understood, and accepted this policy.
[ Collected Personal Information and Collection Method ]
  1. Registration : email address, password
  2. KYC : name, date of birth, country and city of residence, other information including passport and certificate of residence
  3. Cryptocurrency wallet address and other related information of the User
  4. Preventing abuse of faulty members : IP address and date of access of the User
  5. DONOCLE can collect normal data and information as follows.
    • Browser type and version of the User
    • OS type of the User
    • Access date and time to DONOCLE
    • IP address
[ The purpose of collecting and use of data ]
  1. User administration
    • To identify and verify personal identification for the user of membership service
    • To prevent abuse and unauthorized use of faulty members
    • To gain agreement to the membership registration
    • To verify if the User is legal age of adulthood
    • To preserve the history of customer inquiries, complaints from customers, conflict settlement
    • To send notice
  2. Performing the agreement for the provision of service
    • Provision of service and customized service
    • Paying for the use of service
    • Notification of the result of events and distribution
  3. Use for marketing tool and advertisement
    • To provide optimized service to clients
    • Developing new service and its advancing
    • To check the frequency of website visit access
    • To make statistics of website use
    • To notify periodicals and new services
    • To send events and other advertising information
[ Refusing of automatic information collecting, its setup and management ]
  1. Users can set and manage Cookie via DONOCLE service. Cookie is a string of letters containing identifier that is sent by a web server to a web browser and is stored by the browser. The identifier is then sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the server.
  2. DONOCLE can use User information that is collected by Cookie for the purpose as belows.
    • Provide personalized information depending on the interest of individuals
    • Analyze the visiting frequency and staying time of registered members and unregistered members to use for Targeted advertisements
    • Trace contents of users interests and provide personalized service for the User’s next visit
    • Analyze Users’ habits to utilize as measurement to improve our service
  3. User may prevent the setting of DONOCLE cookies through our website at anytime by means of corresponding adjustment of the web browser used.The methods for doing so vary from browser to browser, and from version to version. You can however obtain up-to-date information about blocking and deleting cookies via these links:
  4. The User will be notified that there follows negative effect by disabling all Cookies, and there can be some problem of using service or inconvenience at using DONOCLE website.
  5. Notice for automatic Cookie function
    • In case of Internet Web Browser, the login ID and Password are saved to make your next visit easier. DONOCLE Strongly recommends you not to use this function.
[ Information collected by subscription to our newsletters ]
  1. Users are given the opportunity to subscribe to newsletter service. The email collected via this method will be only used for the purpose of sending newsletters.
[ The period of privacy storage and use ]
  1. The User’s personal information will be stored and used while DONOCLE provides service to the User, and the information will be deleted once the User cancels their account. But the information will be stored if required to store according to relevant legislation follows.
[ Procedure and method of destroying personal information ]
  1. DONOCLE must delete or store separately the User information without any delay if the goal of use is reached.
    • The time and procedure of destruction
      • The information of the User that is given at the time of registration is destroyed immediately according to relevant laws and internal policy, if the goal of the information is attained.
    • The method of destruction
      • Any written information will be grinded or incinerated, information that are saved in electronic form will be deleted in a technical manner that cannot be restored.
[ The rights and exercise of the User right ]
  1. The User can exercise any rights toward their registered personal information at anytime as belows.
    • Request to browse the personal information
    • Request to correct any information in case of typo
    • Request to destroy their personal information
    • Request to abort processing of their personal information
  2. The User can request correction or deletion of any error in their personal information to the person in charge of privacy policy that is displayed on DONOCLE website through email or written request.
[ Inquiries and Complaints about Data Protection ]
  1. DONOCLE takes our User’s data and privacy with utmost respect and attention, DONOCLE makes our best reasonable efforts to protect the privacy of the information the User provides to DONOCLE from loss, violation, leak. Please remind that DONOCLE is not liable for the damage of data by unforeseen accident despite such electronic and procedural safeguards by DONOCLE and complaints over written contents on the Website by the User.
  2. We will bring the fastest and accurate answer if you contact us regarding data protection.

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