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HOMEDonocleAML & KYC policy

AML & KYC Policy

[ Object and Scope ]
  1. The purpose of the regulation of AML and KYC Policy is as follows.
    • To obtain information and develop employee awareness on the prevention of laundering proceeds of crime and financing of terrorism
    • To comply with the obligations regarding local regulations
    • To evaluate customers offered with a risk based approach
[ KYC ]
  1. After registration process the User shall provide DONOCLE with valid identification information under these Know Your Customer procedures. The User shall verify KYC procedure under the circumstance below.
    • When the User won 1st, 2nd prize in Lotto 649 game
    • When DONOCLE requests the User to provide KYC procedure
  2. DONOCLE reserves the right to carry out valid identification of a User under KYC procedures if there’s strong grounds to believe that there’s risk of commitment of fraud, money-laundering or any abuse on the part of the User or in case of frequent and major withdrawals by one User during a reasonably short period of time.
  3. The User should provide below materials during KYC procedure by DONOCLE.
    • User’s real name
    • User’s date of birth
    • User’s country and city of residence
    • User’s address of residence
    • User’s passport profile picture or certificate of residence
    • User’s passport profile picture of the User’s selfie with their certificate of residence
  4. In case the User does not provide the documents in the requested form, DONOCLE may deny the User’s withdrawal or deactivate the account of the User.
[ AML ]
  1. DONOCLE retains a strict anti money laundering policy. We define money laundering as any activity that is carried out in an attempt to misrepresent the source of funds actually acquired through illegal processes as funds that were acquired through lawful sources.
  2. All DONOCLE Users acknowledge and agree to the following terms below
    • While being as DONOCLE client, all Users will comply with all relevant statutes pertaining to money laundering and proceeds from criminal activities.
    • DONOCLE operates KYC that helps detect and prevent money laundering activities.
    • DONOCLE reserves the right to suspend any account if there is reason to believe that the account is being used for activities that are deemed unlawful or fraudulent.
    • DONCOLE reserves the right to use User information for the investigation and prevention of fraudulent or otherwise illegal activities.
    • DONOCLE has the right to share User information with government, law enforcement agencies and courts to comply with applicable law.
      • According to the request from Investigative agencies.
      • According to the request from regulatory bodies and financial institutions.
  3. Users that DONOCLE considers possible indications of money laundering are as belows:
    • The User failing to provide the proof of legitimate sources for their funds
    • The User having a history of the subject of criminal violations
    • The User not able to easily describe the nature of their identification
    • User account that is not used for a reasonable period suddenly starts receiving large deposits of cryptocurrencies
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