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Daily login bonus event

  • ★★★JACKPOT★★★
  • 2021/10/26 00:00:00 UTC
  • 1.22709094 BTC
  • 1 ticket prices : 0.0001 BTC

How to play

HOMELOTTO 649How to play

STEP 1Write a TicketWrite Ticket
Select six of the numbers from 1 to 49 and choose the amount to purchase. Write the ticket or use auto generator. We provide various ways of purchase, such as number generator, manual typing, bundle purchase. You can save your combinations and use it for later draw.
manual ex img

1Number of selected Numbers

2Auto Number Generator

3Delete the Numbers selected

4Delete the Ticket

5Choose or Delete the Number

Auto multi  :   Bundle Purchase up to 200 Tickets
auto multi ex img

1Enter the Amount

2Use Operators

3Maximum Purchase

4Random Winning Combinations

5Regenerate All Winning Numbers

STEP 2Buy a TicketCharge
1 Ticket is pegged at 0.0001BTC and the corresponding alt coins have their price set by highly reliable Exchanges. Exchange that has price difference of 5% or more is excluded.
BTC MIB Purchase   IDCM  CoinBene
BTC DNL Purchase   IDCM 
STEP 3DrawWinning Numbers
You can purchase the ticket until 11:30 (UTC).
Drawings are held at every 00:00 (UTC). The drawing takes about 30 minutes.
The Winning Combinations are determined by a Bitcoin Blockchain-based algorithm.
After excluding the first two digits of the nonce value, the 3rd and 4th, 5th and 6th, 7th and 8th, 9th and 10th numbers are used. The used numbers are from 1 to 49. The drawing result will be 'Winning Numbers' menu.The drawing result will be displayed at ‘Winning Numbers’ menu.
You can see the algorithm at Blockchaininfo .
In the case that the information regarding the block cannot be verified due to an issue with the Bitcoin network, the prize money is deferred to the next round after 24 hours has expired.
STEP 4Payouts
70% of total Lottery Proceeds for Prize Money
1st 1st 1 / 13,983,816 75% of total Winnings after excluding the amount for 4th prize and 5th prize
2nd 2nd 1 / 2,330,636 12.5% of total Winnings after excluding the amount for 4th prize and 5th prize
3rd 3rd 1 / 54,201 12.5% of total Winnings after excluding the amount for 4th prize and 5th prize
4th 1 / 1,032 Standard price 0.005BTC (Random Prize Coin)
5th 1 / 57 Standard price 0.0005BTC (Random Prize Coin)

Winnings 70%Learn More

Lottery Management 17%

POS 10%Learn More

Charity Donation 3%

STEP 5Prize MoneyWrite KYC
The prize money can be paid out until three months following the win. The winner must provide a “KYC” to the company within the 3 months of winning.
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