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KENO History
From the Legend of Old China, Keno was invented to save an ancient kingdom from its time of war.
Starting from an encouragement tool for the laborers of The Great Wall of China, Keno had its entertaining and thrilling moment widespread throughout the globe and in front of us today.
How to play
The rule of KENO is very simple.
  • The player chooses at least two numbers to maximum ten numbers between 1 to 80. After setting the wager, the game begins and the ball machine draws 20 random numbers which determines your winnings. Your prize will be paid out according to the number of matches.
  • DONOCLE KENO can be only played with DONOCLE Token.
  • 1 Game Play : 2 DNL Token
STEP 1Choose BlockBuy DNLPlay now
There are numbers from 1 to 80 on the number board. The player can choose as many blocks as they want between 2 to 10.
The payout table on the right will display your winnings depending on your block setting.
When you choose 8 blocks and the winnings according to the number
keno img
The bet starts from 0.1 to 5. The standard scale value is 1 and your payout will increase as you bet more than 1
Set Bet
keno img
STEP 3PLAY !!Play now
Click PLAY ONE button to play once and you will get paid according to the number of your matches.
Click PLAY 100 button to play 100 games automatically.

Example : 6 Matching Blocks (Pays 3) : Bet 0.5 → 3 * 0.5 = 1.5

Description for each items in the screen
keno img

1Your Funds

2Decrease Bet

3Bet Multiples 0.1 ~ 5

4Increase Bet

5Play Once

6Play 100 Games

7Winnings * Bet Multiples = Payout Result

8Number of Balls


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